PLAE Project

Nowadays it is of high importance for all educational organisations to recognize the value of providing students courses that cover sustainability education. This is an opportunity to give the next generation all the skills and knowledge necessary to handle the social and environmental changes and challenges that will occur in the near future. Students need to gain an understanding of the dependence between humans and the environment where they live.
In 2015, after consulting millions of people and organisations across the world, the final decision about what the goals would be was made by the governments of the United Nations. The Sustainable Development Goals are a set of global priorities for ensuring that economic, environmental, social and cultural wellbeing is achieved for everyone around the world. They are ambitious goals for governments across the world to achieve, but a lot can be done at school and at home to support them. The goals aim to end poverty, protect the planet & try to make sure that everyone around the world is living comfortably.


The main idea of this project is to create inclusive & innovative educational tools for teachers to be able to work each Sustainable Development Goals with the primary school pupils through an innovative & entertaining manner, using Game-Based Learning.

To provide qualitative and inclusive educational tools to teachers and educators on how to raise awareness and work on the Sustainable Development Goals with pupils

To create awareness to primary school students regarding SDG and to foster positive attitudes and behaviour in accordance with these goals

To foster eco-friendly attitudes, behaviours and lifestyles among teachers and pupils

To improve the teachers’ skills and competences, , in terms of delivering creative content, providing them the necessary knowledge, tools and know hows


Set of board games for each area of the SDGs

The 1st project result will be a set of board games for each area of the sustainable goals, with a focus on raising awareness on the differences between the achievement of them according to different continents, like this we ensure also a deeper understanding of the international context and inequalities existing worldwide

Set of board games for each area of the SDGs

The 2nd result will be an Educational KIT containing a methodology and lesson plans for teachers, educators and parents on how to teach their children through non-formal educational methods, through gamification of real life situation, civic, social and emotional competences which will serve them to develop as functional and fulfilled adults contributing to a sustainable development of their community and society.