PLAE Results


The 1st project result (PR) is a SET OF 4 BOARD GAMES and each board game will be focused on one area of the SDGs:

  1. Good health and well-being (SDG 3) – Healthy life game
  2. Quality education (SDG 4) –Trash Hunters board game
  3. Affordable and clean energy (SDG 7) – Green energy board game
  4. Climate action (SDG 13) – Climate change board game


The 2nd result is an Educational KIT on how to work the SDGs with pupils using non-formal educational methods, with the purpose to be a resource for educational professionals and families to support primary school pupils in order to become future sustainable citizens.
The Educational KIT will contain a methodology on how to use each game of the set, according to the curricula and also lesson plans which will be complementary to the set of board games in the teaching process of the SDGs correlated to the school subjects.
The content of the lesson plans will be created mixing storytelling, gamification and game-based learning.